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I am fed up with reckless decisions that fail every District citizen.

  • Accelerating costs of gas, groceries, medications, and housing, that are eroding our incomes.
  • Drug trafficking leading to addictions and death…
  • Community crime.
  • WOKE indoctrination.
  • Open borders with uncontrolled migrant influx.

Enough Said

We need a problem solver for District 7, not a problem enabler in the Congressional House of Representatives. I have engaged my whole life into problem solving. I am a solution-based thinker. It is my identity.

Solutions exist for:

  • Growing costs for living essentials.
  • District wide drug trafficking.
  • Lawlessness in District communities.
  • Balanced climate change issues with innovation and pro-human policies.
  • Migrant border breaches.

I am a candidate for Congress because someone needs to represent normal, everyday, hardworking Americans. I am a hard worker and have always provided for my family in the greater Seattle area. I am frustrated with the current situation. Our moral compass has been displaced. Common sense has been exchanged for political correctness. Many have preached unity and diversity but fostered division.

I think families are the foundation of a strong community. I believe that parents have a right to know what their children are being taught. Schools should celebrate real diversity, not Progressive ideology, should encourage critical thinking over indoctrination, and should show how America is a force for good in the world.

I am experiencing the high costs of basic goods in my home and business. We have seen the cost of gas, groceries, and medications to eat away at our incomes. The costs have gone up because the ideologues have decided what you should drive, what you should eat, how you should live.

I believe freedom matters. We should be free to say what we want, free to hold unpopular opinions without fear of losing our jobs or being attacked, free to choose what we listen to, what we read, and when or where we pray. Some want to take away our freedoms in the name of safety and diversity.

My Dad was an employee of the State Department. Having lived in many international communities, and continuing my international travels, I have a unique ability to interact and represent other cultures within Congressional District 7. I desire to represent people that want to raise their kids, work hard, have money left at the end of every paycheck, and who know they can be friends with people who don’t look like them or pray like them.

Endorsed by:

Position Statements


The US Constitution protects the rights of individuals to own firearms. I don’t currently own any firearms, but I support those who feel it is important to them. I’m concerned with the lack of enforcement of current laws and regulations surrounding gun ownership and do not think it would be beneficial to add regulations as long as the current ones are not enforced. Very few gun crimes are committed by those who have legally obtained firearms.

I am also concerned that the current regime in Seattle releases criminals back on the streets, attacks police officers for doing their job, and seeks to prohibit law-abiding citizens the Constitutionally guaranteed right to protect themselves with a gun.

2020 Election

I believe there were fairly significant voting irregularities in 2020. Those irregularities have cast suspicion on the outcome of the election. Suspicions of the outcome of presidential elections have become common with each election cycle regardless of the party. At this point it is irrelevant whether Trump won or didn’t win in 2020.

Everyone who respects democracy, regardless of party or ideology or desired outcome, should want the most airtight and above-question election system. We should always strive to tighten the election system against potential manipulation or tampering by either US or foreign entities.


I moved to Seattle in 1962 seeking a degree in oceanography/math/physics at the University of Washington. I also became a journeyman ironworker. The summers enabled me to be on a bolting gang in New Orleans, a rodbuster in Asheville and Seattle. In Seattle, we tied rebar at Boeing Field, I-5, downtown buildings, Southcenter Mall, and Northgate. I worked with some great guys who encouraged me to continue my education.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, I worked as a consulting oceanographer and environmentalist. We did projects on Puget Sound, Northwest rivers dam spillways, and wrote environmental impact statements for new construction projects.

In graduate school, I created Moon Construction Company. Initially a proprietorship, I incorporated in 1975. It is a commercial/institutional general contractor.

When I incorporated, I added an owner 20 years my senior who was a printer and book binder by trade. He gave me the wisdom that comes with age to help me solve issues of owning a business.

Moon Construction specializes in tackling commercial projects that require creative solutions. Our ability to work with owners, vendors, subcontractors, and architects by listening and reaching agreeable consensus necessary for an excellent building project is just as necessary for finding reasonable solutions to the complex problems facing our nation. My middle son will soon take leadership.

I enjoy what I do and have been rewarded with a wealth of experiences that will benefit a congressional position for the US House of Representatives.


My early years were in Ephrata, Washington. In late 1952, my family moved to Afghanistan. My Dad was a water resource engineer for the State Department. Then after a brief time in the Washington DC area, we moved to Iraq in 1958. Then on to the City of Guantanamo Cuba in 1959. Castro pushed us to move onto the naval base where my Dad became the resident construction engineer. I have had the opportunity to experience living among different people groups and having playmates and friends in those countries. I moved to Seattle in 1962 to attend the University of Washington.

I continue to travel to other countries teaching classes on entrepreneurship and an introductory to business with other businessmen. I enjoy making new friendships. I have been married 56 years to a wonderful woman. We have five children, several grandchildren and a great grandchild.

With the push towards socialism, the rise of racial tensions fostering division, the lack of respect towards others, school indoctrination over critical thinking, and the censoring of opposing points of view, I feel obligated to run for Congress to represent normal, everyday, hardworking, responsible Americans.

Open Borders

The undocumented people entering and dispersing into our country across open borders are often subject to exploitation because they lack legal status. Their survival causes young boys and men to join gangs, and young girls and women to become sex slaves. I consider this to be human trafficking. Many of the undocumented become invisible in our large cities, often becoming gardeners, nannies, dishwashers, drivers and delivery carriers. They have no legal status if they are injured or become sick, leading to further exploitation, possibly self-destructive behavior and homelessness.

“Open Borders” is a mockery for the thousands of immigrants who enter the US legally every year. There should be a plan for migrant workers to come into the US legally to work without exploitation. For example, every person who desires to immigrate into our country should have a destination, a way to get there, and a sponsor or someone who will help them assimilate into our country.

The Border Patrol should be supported and honored. I support securing our borders and directing all immigrants through legal portals.

I support building a wall to limit illegal immigration and expand our work visa program to meet demand and also ensure legal immigrants don’t fall victim to exploitation.

I support e-verify to ensure everyone who works in the US is legally allowed to work in the US.

Small Businesses

The majority of US Businesses have fewer than 5 employees. These businesses are often hailed as a vital segment of our national and local economies, and a primary driver of the US financial growth.

Pre-COVID, District 7 had nearly 24,000 small businesses employing 245,000 individuals. During the “pandemic” governmental policies put severe restrictions on our local businesses struggling to survive. Post COVID, many employers are still struggling.

They are finding it difficult to attract and retain workers for their enterprises, as well as obtain the materials or commodities required for their operations due to supply chain issues.

I am an employer and I want to support small businesses.


The crisis of homelessness is the result of the policies a government that ignores individual responsibility and rewards self-destructive behavior. It’s those who live and work in glass and steel buildings, high above the tents, feces soiled ground and needles who have their food delivered to their doors while earning six figure salaries by typing on a keyboard in their pajamas. These people don’t have to live with the consequences.

Regular people do. Regular people have to live with the lack of safety and the loss of a once beautiful city. Regular people can’t look up as they walk down the sidewalks or go to parks because of human excrement or needles or tents and debris. Regular people need to be back in charge of this city and this nation.

Climate Change

As an oceanographer and water resource engineer, I spent several years studying the water systems of the NW. I am happy the days of raw sewage spilling into Puget Sound are over. I am happy that the days of the tan brown skies over Seattle are much less in spite of the massive population increase in the Seattle area. As a contractor, I have been on the forefront of techniques to ensure increased building efficiency and the use of green building products. I am also a certified designer for solar panels.

We should keep working to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the environment. However, the policies that are often proposed to address climate change will disproportionately harm working class men and women who can’t afford the electric car or can’t bring all their tools on the bus. The climate change arguments are often used as a tool to promote wealth redistribution rather than protect the environment. I will work to ensure we effectively balance the need for a clean and safe environment with innovation and pro-human policies.

I’m very impressed with your beliefs and moral character. I pray the voters in our state recognize your commitment to represent everyone not just a political party. We need more “Just an Americans” to run for political office instead of the stagnant ones we have now.


I appreciate your stand and your commitment to a better run government. Your stand which has a great foundation as a familyman, business owner and a genuine human being that has a conscience and walks in integrity. I am touched with great appreciation in all you have shared with us,“ the people.” We just want a person like you, with wisdom and character and ability to bring the changes to our once beautiful state. Your ideals match ours, hard working small business owners and our families. Thank you for your commitment and I did vote for you!


Thanks for running! We need more good people like you to represent and safeguard our constitutional rights and more importantly our individual liberties.